Picture inspired short tale


One day, I heard a whistling outside my porch

This morning I decided to walk around the prairie near my granny’s house, the day was cloudy, but warm and there was a slight breeze coming from the south. I sat around to enjoy the landscape. Suddenly a gust of wind came from the north! along with grass it was packed with memories from my childhood.

I was only child back then, my parents used to leave me alone often, so I played all around the house, my imaginary friends and me made up any kind of games during the day, we dressed fairy gowns, danced and singed, but imagination was not enough to give me the happiness I needed. I used to feel trapped at home, the moments that I used to spent with my parent were not enough either. Finally, one day I heard a whistling outside my porch, I ran to the window, and a heavy-packed kid was sitting there, seems like he was waiting for something or someone while his eyes stared to an empty space. I called for him through the window, he waved his hand asking me to come outside, in that moment I realized, don’t know how, he was there waiting for me.

We went through the old road behind my hometown, I’d never been there before, we talked, laughed, the time just passed by around him,  it was all I dreamed for, but it was not a dream anymore, it was real I was there and I was happy. There was a small hut next to the road, we stayed there about 2 weeks, usually chatting, he showed me the small things that made him happy: how to whistle a song, how to carve in a tree, and to recognize shapes in the clouds. Precious memories indeed!. Then one morning I woke up, he was gone. I knew the same way as I did when he showed up the first time, he was gone for good.
Obviously I waited for him, search everywhere for a note, or a small clue about the reason of his departure, there was nothing. I decided not to look for him. I stayed there another month, wondering his whereabouts, wondering if he was looking for himself, wondering if he was looking for somebody else, it was my useless try to extinguish his memories.

Finally I went back home, my parents sent me to live with my grandmother, now thinking about him again,  I’m sure  his journey continues, still trying to find that something, my only hope now is that someday will come for me, and ask me for help to find it. Who knows?


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