2 Check on YouTube : Through the Woods


Through the Woods: feat. Radiohead. Shot at Bonnaroo 2012.

Directed by: Matt Ornstein
Producer: Steph Scire
Associate Producer: Peter Yozell
Production Manager: Nathan Lackie
Director of Photography: Sam Gezari
Additional Camera: Larkin Donley
Sound Recordist: Paul Williams
Editorial by: Rock Paper Scissors
Sound Editor: Morgan Johnson
Asst. Sound Editor: Nick Cochran
Editor: Austyn Daines
Titles: Henry Hobson
Online and Visual Effects: A52
Online/VFX: Dan Ellis
Digital Intermediate by: New Hat
Digital Colorist: Beau Leon
Assistant Digital Colorist: Brandon Chavez

Special thanks:
Bryce Edge, Laura Eldeiry, Collin Lish, Chris Hufford, Annette Lamothe-Ramos, Nasty Little Man, Sterling Proffer, Trevor Slimser, CL Weaver

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